Humor is a Conerly trademark (“Never cut out jokes to make room for more statistics,” he says), helping to make complex subjects understandable.

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Business in an Uncertain Economy: The Best Strategies for Profitability in an Ever-changing World

Dr. Bill Conerly provides business leaders with the tools that they need to manage in an uncertain economy. He first presents the economic outlook with an emphasis on the risks that lie ahead. He then offers business leaders specific methods for dealing with this uncertainty. This unique presentation builds on Dr. Conerly’s expertise in economics as well as his many years of experience helping businesses navigate uncharted economic waters.

The Economic Outlook: New Opportunities and Risks in the Evolving Business Cycle

Dr. Bill Conerly presents his evaluation of the current state of the economy and his forecast for the next two years. He drills down to the sectors most relevant to the audience members, allowing them to see how their own business environment will change. Using common-sense language and real-world examples, he presents what business leaders need to know to thrive in the coming years. This presentation is tailored to the industry or region of the audience and always includes his well-known sense of humor.

Business Planning in an Uncertain Economy (half-day seminar)

The external environment of a business is hard to predict: what will the economy do, how will technology change, what impact will new laws have on business? The solution is not to give up on planning, but to incorporate a flexible stance in the company’s strategic and operational plans. Dr. Bill Conerly helps participants draw upon their own expertise and experience to learn the keys to developing plans that will enhance growth while also protecting companies against downside risks. This half-day program works with small groups or with large audiences so long as the seating arrangement allows discussion within six-person groups.

The Next Decade: What Businesses Should Do TODAY to Prepare for Tomorrow

Dr. Bill Conerly is an expert on what business leaders should do right now to create a more profitable business future. Bill looks at the big changes we can expect in the next decade – demographics, globalization, finance, and technology – avoiding speculation as much as possible. Instead, he relies on business history, current trends and comprehensive research to make his forecasts. At every step he connects future scenarios with action plans that leaders should put in place now. Specifics are adjusted for the particular audience.

What We Have Learned About Investing from Enron, Bernie Madoff and the Financial Crisis

Every generation has its investing disasters, some due to fraud and some due to excessive optimism. Every generation also has its successes, which seldom make headlines. Dr. Conerly has simple, actionable guidelines for sound investing. He has no financial interest in any of the advice that he gives, so he’s both knowledgeable and unbiased. Unlike most economists, his education included graduate level study of finance. He was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1999.

Freedom and Prosperity: The Case for Optimism

In this substantive and inspiring keynote, Bill explains the mechanism for economic growth around the world. Drawing insights from Nobel economists, historians and modern commentators, Bill connects economic and political freedom with economic performance. He ends with a surprising burst of optimism about the fate of the world over the coming decades. He illustrates it all using a few statistics and many stories.

Keynote or Workshop? Most of these topics can be conducted either as a keynote to a large audience or as a workshop for a smaller group.

Motivational Speaker? People use this label in different ways, so here’s the data: Bill always has strong content, emphasizing actionable ideas that corporate executives and small business owners can implement immediately. His short-term economic forecast is sometimes optimistic, sometimes pessimistic, but he always expresses his long-run vision of a world growing in prosperity and freedom.

The Package

Included at no extra charge are the following items:
Promotional video: To promote attendance and enthusiasm, I can produce a 60-second video to help sell the conference. Examples are at and
Customization of the presentation: I will talk to leaders of your organization to learn about the topics that most concern the audience members and adjust the presentation accordingly. I emphasize topics within my normal range of “keeping up,” such as consumer spending, interest rates, export markets, etc.
Panel moderation: a great way to continue Bill’s work connecting the dots between the economy and business decisions is to follow his presentation with a panel that Bill moderates. You might bring in a CFO, CMO, COO, and HR director, and have Bill ask questions about how his economic outlook impacts decisions in their areas.
Network with attendees: schedule permitting, I will attend receptions and other networking opportunities at your meeting so that your attendees can ask one-on-one questions. I’ll also learn more about their interests and concerns.
Conversation with management teams: after my presentation, I can meet informally with your management team or board of directors so that they may ask in-depth questions. (No extra fee if scheduled in advance for the same day as the main presentation.)
Monthly newsletter: to keep economic issues alive, I will grant a free 12-month license for my monthly newsletter. You may insert my newsletter into your own communication vehicle, email it to employees or clients, or I can email it out as requested by meeting attendees.

Additional services:
Custom research: when a client wants detail that I do not routinely keep up on, I will research the area for a negotiated fee. I can usually come up to speed fairly quickly on a wide range of economics-related topics. In the past, I have done this for specific foreign countries and state economies. I will decline topics too far afield from my regular work.
Multiple presentations: When you want my speech presented multiple times, we can negotiate a quantity discount. For example, when the client’s markets are one or two hours apart, I could do a breakfast presentation in one place, a lunch meeting at another, and an afternoon reception at a third. Fees are negotiated depending on topic variety and location.
Board/Management retreats: In addition to a presentation, I can attend your entire planning retreat. I’ll offer up insights and ask questions throughout the entire time, or upon request from the leader. Often a team benefits from having an outsider raise issues and ask questions.

Industry Expertise


Bank and Credit Union Executives

Bank Client Meetings

Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution

Small Business

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Agriculture Dr. Conerly provides an outsider’s view of agriculture: the national and global forces that impact farm economics. He’s familiar with recent trends in prices, harvests and planting, and he brings to the podium insights about the changing diet of emerging countries as well as the prospects for “peak farmland” influencing land values.

Recent clients include AgFirst Farm Credit, AgStar Financial Services, Dow AgroSciences, and Washington Mint Growers.

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation. Everyone who heard your presentation was impressed with your analysis, and strong command of facts and theory. More importantly, your ability to weave together substance with humor, in a very dynamic way, meant our attendees learned and retained more information than we would have typically expected. You made economics fun and you left our members with powerful insights on trends and issues to consider as they prepare for the future.”

John Aguirre, Oregon Association of Nurseries

Banking and Credit Unions Executives

Dr. Conerly brings to bankers, his experience on ALCO, Credit Policy and Strategic Planning committees, which enables him to connect the dots between the economic outlook and the challenges that bankers will face in the coming year.

Recent clients include Allied Solutions, Kansas Bankers Association, Bank Holding Company Association, Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Credit Union Executives Society, Kansas Bankers Association and Montana Independent Bankers..

You were the first male to speak at the Women in Banking Conference, and the women loved you!”

Liz Wilson, Washington Bankers Association

Bank Client Meetings

Banks connect with their clients by inviting Dr. Conerly to speak at customer events. He brings his insights and humor to audiences, cementing the bank’s role as value-added partner.

Recent clients include Banner Bank, Mountain Pacific Bank, and Umpqua Bank.

“Every time you spoke, we got business.”

Chris Rasmussen, Bank of the Northwest

Manufacturing and Distribution

Dr. Conerly emphasizes the economic factors at work in the manufacturing and wholesale sectors, providing actionable implications of the current economic outlook.

Recent clients include the Book Manufacturers Institute, Inteplast, National Fluid Power Association, Pacific Northwest Hardware & Implement Association, Roseburg Forest Products and Western Association of Fastener Distributors.

“Bill’s presentation was well received. Our members enjoyed the high energy and strategic thinking.”

Daniel Bach, Book Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc.

Small Business

Dr. Conerly loves small business and knows the challenges that owners face. He connects the economic outlook with the key issues that small business owners are facing, always remembering that they are busy, entrepreneurial people.

Recent clients include the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce, Boise Chamber, Eugene Chamber, Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, and the Thurston County EDC.

“Your presentation was one of the highlights of the day, exactly what the planning committee was looking for—informative, interesting and entertaining.”

Carol Nielsen-Hood, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce

Your Industry

Whatever your industry, Dr. Conerly will come up to speed on the key economic issues driving sales and costs. His presentation will emphasize those elements of his economic forecast that most impact your industry. All of this happens with humor and common-sense explanations.

Recent clients have included construction , energy, engineering, real estate, telecom and trucking.

“Seems no matter where I go, I hear you talking – and always doing a great job with different material well tailored to the audience. Very impressive!”

Alan Shiffer, Concero Group

Bill’s Philosophy of Speaking


“Bill did a great job. We look forward to a continuing relationship.” John Hamburger, Franchise Times

“You are a master at your craft and a favorite of our audience.” Jim Parker, UBS Financial Services

“It can be difficult to find economists who provide good substantive information who are also entertaining and engaging. I received many enthusiastic comments about Dr. Conerly from members and others in the audience.” Molly Steckel, Idaho Telecom Alliance

“ AgFirst Farm Credit Bank has benefitted from Bill Conerly’s unique insights and perspectives several times over the past five years…his materials consistently cover the points that we agree on…he has been very well-received by our groups, and we look forward to having Bill with us again in the future.” Ronnie Hucks, AgFirst Farm Credit, Columbia

“ Our audience of local business and community leaders not only valued the economic data you provided, but they really appreciated that you made it applicable to their businesses, their personal lives and moreover – that you presented it in a clear and entertaining manner.” Scott Boyer, Mountain Pacific Bank

“Bill did a great job! There were many in the audience who liked him and many in the audience who loved him! Bill shared pertinent and timely information with our audience of commercial real estate professionals and added interesting stories and a funny sense of humor twist.” Jana Knoll, BOMA Boise

“The ratings you received from our banker evaluations were among the highest I’ve seen, which matched my impressions exactly. Your presentation style is quite engaging, you bring interesting and valuable content, and our ability to interact in an stimulating way during “Q&A” sessions makes you a valuable addition to any meeting agenda. As a bonus, you are a genuinely enjoyable participant in conference activities beyond your presentation.” Steve Yeakel, Montana Independent Bankers

“Bill Conerly is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers I have ever heard. The fact that he is a very funny man is a bonus.” James A. Kronenberg, Oregon Medical Association

For Meeting Planners

Bill’s one-sheet in pdf format.

Bill’s photo (formal) (informal) for meeting planners and editors.


Aluminum Extruders Council
Ag First
American Forest Resources Council
Aspen Corneal Society
Arizona Bankers Association
Asphalt Paving Association of Washington
Associated General Contractors
Bank Holding Company Association
Bank of America
Bank of the Cascades
Bank of the Northwest
Bank of the West
Banner Bank
Bonar Plastics
Book Manufacturers Institute
Cascade Policy Institute
CBIZ-Nation Smith
Chicago Title
Coastal Community Bank
Columbia Forest Products
Columbia River Bank
Commercial Finance Association
Community National Bank
Compass Bank
Copper and Brass Servicenter Association
Council of State Governments
Credit Suisse
Credit Union Executives Society Annuel Convention
D.A. Davidson & Co.
EC Company
Economic Roundtable
Empire Corporate Credit Union
Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
Franchise Times
Goldwater Institute
Goodman Real Estate Company
Home Street Bank
Idaho Bankers Association
Idaho Independent Bank
Idaho Telecom Alliance
International Sealing Distribution Association
Interplast Group
Iowa Bankers Association
Kansas Association of Counties
Kansas Bankers Association
Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel
Key Bank
Knife River Corporation
Lane Powell Spears Lubersky
Legend Homes
Liberty Northwest
Marcus & Millichap
Massachusetts Bankers Association
Michigan Association of CPAs
Michigan Credit Union League
Mont Pelerin Society
Montana Independent Bankers
Moss Adams
Mountain West Bank
National Assn Industrial & Office Parks
National Assn of State Credit Union Supervisors
National Education Association
National Fluid Power Association
Nebraska Bankers Association
North Carolina Telecommunication
Northwest Corporate Credit Union
Northwest Farm Credit
Northwest Food Service Show
Northwest Investment Councilors
Northwest Public Power Association
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Oregon Bankers Association
Oregon Medical Association
Oregon Remodelers Association
Oregon Telecom Association
Pacific Northwest Bank
Pacific Northwest Steel Fabricators Association
Papé Group
Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association
Prime Pacific Bank
Red Canoe Credit Union
Riverlake Partners
RMA – Risk Management Associates
Roseburg Forest Products
South Dakota Banker Association
Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union
Symetra Financial Corporation
Tennessee Bankers Association
Timber Products Company
Trigild Inc.
Umpqua Bank
Unitus Credit Union
Viking Bank
Washington Bankers Association
Washington Credit Union League
Washington Contract Loggers Association
Washington Federal Savings
Washington Forest Protection Association
Washington Trucking Association
Wells Fargo Bank
Western Association of Fastener Distributors
Western Forestry & Conservation Association
Women’s Food Service Forum
Wood Products Credit Union
Yost Grube & Hall


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