The first review of The Flexible Stance (3/24/2016)

Amazon Review: Good advice on combining confidence and humility when making business decisions.” By David Wick, OB Williams Company, February 19, 2016

Amazon Review: “Reading “The Flexible Stance” was like attending a graduate level economics class. Dr. Bill Conerly utilizes many current relevant examples in business and international politics to make his points. A common theme throughout the book is that people need to have contingency plans. They also need to avoid spending money when business is good so that when business is not as good, the business can be in a better position to thrive. As Dr. Conerly analyzed the economic recessions, he made it clear as to the causes and analyzes what the US government did to help bring the recessions to an end. This book will be invaluable for CEOs of companies, especially in the manufacturing sectors. All business leaders will benefit by reading this book to be in a better position to anticipate changes that effect sales. Readers will have a better understanding of the complexity of predicting economic fluctuations. They will also be better prepared to lead their companies and governments as they listen to news reports around the world and see how the economy is impacted. This is a fascinating book that looks at historical details. The value will be realized once the reader has internalized Dr. Conerly’s theme that runs through this book. People need to have a flexible stance and be ready for anything that can impact the stability of a business or a government.” By Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti

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