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Bill Conerly is a business expert who uses his training as an economist to help companies grow their profits across the business cycle.

Do you have these issues?

  • We don’t know if it’s the economy or us
  • We need to update our strategic plan
  • We’re not sure if we have the right products for this market
  • Things are changing so fast
  • It’s hard to plan because we don’t know where the economy is going

Check out his approach to helping business leaders adjust their tactics to a changing economy.

Other items in his “tool kit” include:

      • Forecasting models
      • Interpreting current economic conditions
      • Evaluation of company sales results
      • Financial analysis
      • Analysis of feedback systems
      • Analysis of cost structure
      • Industry analysis
      • Assessment

        What should the CEO and management team be focused on? I tend to do the things I like, which are not always the things that will help my business the most. The Conerly Assessment of Performance Opportunity (TM) helps C-level executives identify the areas with the most potential for profit improvement. It is aimed at companies with roughly $10 million to $250 million in sales. Learn more.


        David Wick,CEO, O.B. Williams Company
        Bill Conerly has been an invaluable resource to our executive team and ownership by delivering superior, well-founded ideas that are critical to navigating the current economic climate within the construction industry. Bill assisted O.B. Williams Company with developing a strong business plan that we implemented 18 months ago. As a result and together with Bill, we are improving our position within our highly competitive market segment. We understand that navigating this current economy is indeed difficult, however Bill conveys his ideas clearly and concisely both in his customized client reports and in his newsletters. We have found Bill to be easy to work with, straightforward and personally committed to helping our company to be successful.

        John Courtney, CEO, NextJob, Inc.:
        “Bill was a great resource in helping us develop our business model and has continued to be a great advisor as we have refined it and successfully entered the marketplace.”

        Greg Newton, CFO, Cascade Bancorp:
        “On multiple occasions we have engaged Dr Conerly to facilitate, and more importantly, stimulate, strategic planning sessions. He artfully brings the complexity of economic consequences to light, and is also is a veteran voice of objectivity. And his ability to inject humor keeps the energy and teamwork a priority !”

        Len Ludwig, former CEO, Vencore Capital LLC:
        “We asked Bill Conerly to look at one of the major factors limiting the growth of our business. He pulled together data from a wide range of sources, as well as his own extensive business knowledge, to give us an insight into when conditions would improve and how we could be ready to capitalize on better times. He did so in a straight forward, easy to understand manner. A year later it was clear that things had evolved just as he had forecast. Ever since then he’s been my go-to guy on how the economy affects my business.”

        Don Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt:
        “We engaged economist Bill Conerly to assist us in assessing a variety of financial and economic factors for strategic planning purposes in 2010. We were very pleased with the results. He was responsive, practical and thorough in developing scenarios, setting forth the assumptions and identifying the relevant variables.
        His report was clear and concise and his fee very reasonable. He conveyed the important points very effectively in his oral presentation. Bill accomplished all of the objectives we identified in the engagement and we definitely enjoyed working with him. We will use his firm again.”

        Phill Guay, President, Business Dynamics:
        “Several times I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of Bill Conerly and Conerly Consulting. Most recently while Vice President of Columbia Forest Products, North America‘s largest hardwood plywood manufacturer, I asked Bill to evaluate the potential impacts of industry globalization on product pricing in an anticipated downturn.

        This was creative research in that the industry had only recently globalized and the current downturn would be the fist in that environment. Bill’s response was perfect. He did not fall back on platitudes or information that we could have acquired on our own. He provided very specific, hard data, compared it to similar situations and gave us several if /then scenarios.

        His work was creative, soundly researched and, honestly presented in a very timely manner. I would recommend Bill for analysis of your economic/market issues and will certainly use his services again myself.”

        Recent Projects

        Business Planning: The owner a small manufacturing company wanted advice on his business plan because his firm was in trouble. Identifying top priorities was critical. Bill helped with that and also spotted two areas of weaknesses within the company. He helped the owner work with outside consultants to solve problems in those two areas. In eight months the company had completely filled its capacity with profitable orders.

        Business Model: A financial services company was entering a new market but the CEO was unsure of the best delivery strategy in this market. Bill was asked to assess whether the company’s original business model would work in the new market. His advice resulted in successful operation and saved the company millions of dollars of capital expenditures compared to the CEO’s original idea.

        Business Cycles in a Changing Market: A senior executive of a large manufacturing company understood how industry prices had been impacted in past recessions. He was unsure what the next recession would bring because the market was now 50 percent supplied from China. In 2006 Bill predicted that because of China’s larger role in the U.S. market, the next business cycle would have more stable pricing than past cycles—a forecast that came true two years later.

        Regional Markets: The CEOs of several mid-sized companies have engaged Bill to evaluate various metropolitan areas as potential expansion targets. He developed evaluation criteria that reflected the unique strengths and weaknesses of each business.

        Real Estate Economics: Bill has analyzed the economic impacts of a new sand and gravel facility, worked on the economic implications of development of health care facilities.

        Economics of Electronic Commerce: In 1999 the head of a technology-focused investment bank wondered if business-to-business electronic commerce had a solid basis. Bill analyzed the fundamental economic factors in this area, distinguishing between economic foundation and investment hype. He identified strategies that make sense, the industries with the greatest potential, and barriers to rapid adoption of electronic commerce.

        Expert Witness: Attorneys have used Bill as an expert witness in cases involving economics or business issues because of his ability to explain complicated analyses in clear explanations using common-sense language. Two cases involve savings and loan associations, stemming from the changes in regulations in 1990, one of which is among the largest federal claims ever filed. Other expert reports have involved business valuation and mortgage interest rates.

        Recent Clients

        American Institute for Full Employment
        Associated Oregon Industries
        Bank of the Cascades
        Banner Bank
        Benj. Franklin S&L Shareholders
        BOMA Portland
        Columbia Forest Products
        Eugene Sand and Gravel, Inc.
        Jeld-Wen Corporation
        NextJob Inc.
        O.B. Williams Company
        Oregon Bankers Association
        Pacific Crest Securities
        Providence Health & Services
        Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
        Vencore Capital
        Vermeer Corporation
        Wells Fargo Bank
        Witherspoon, Kelley, Davenport & Toole

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